Alan Heather-Xia

Life is a journey. And Alan started his early in life travelling, mostly by train, and developed a passion for the countryside, its landscapes full of forests full of trees, flowers, reflections of water in streams, rivers and the villages he passed through. The images in his mind’s eye allowed him to explore and get lost within this world full of the movement and colours of life.

Later while attending University in the coastal city of Xiamen, Alan had the opportunity to attend art classes for a short while and developed his keen interest under a Master who was impressed with his unique style and world of colour. Art works produced during this period, mostly landscapes, were inspired by the world around him, expressed as an artist by what he saw in his mind without the influence of trends and fashion. His works were exhibited with other students and were keenly acquired by mainly overseas buyers and helped fund his studies.

Alan has since moved overseas and has traveled, exploring and developing his love of the environment. He loves the Impressionist style but has created a more unique approach to his artistic direction through the realism of impressions and colours in his thoughts and mind as he continues his life journey with passion.

It seems that, after 30 years pursuing Alan’s professional life, as being a scientist, a telecommunication specialist, and an investment banker, a business owner as well as an investor, Alan is now a full time artist. Joint him for his unique artistic journey.

Recent Exhibitions

Port Macquarie Art Exhibition, Port City Art Society Gallery

Great Lake Art Exhibition, Great Lake Art Gallery – Forster NSW

Past Works

House by Sounds

New Zealand last closed whale station in the end of an era. Marlborough sound is now a peaceful and tranquil place. Its history lies within its colors and blown around by the wind.

Night Stars

Post impressionism. Night Stars over the small town, life can be quiet and insignificant, however its beauty and joy exists within.

Lakeside Poppy Joy

Poppy flowers are joyful beside the shimmering lake.

Butterfly Walk

Who does not have childhood memories like this one? Pale green spring colors make one wanting to go our there and wonder. This piece brings back the memory and extends further, a vivid color feast as well as the feeling of returning to childhood.


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Whanganui 4500,
New Zealand.
(+64) 021 228 8142

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